We are offering a range of classes for all levels and capabilities (physical, emotional, and spiritual). Our intention is to create a safe space for students to come home to themselves through a place of love and acceptance, welcoming love and peace into the mind and body.

Please wear something comfortable that you can stretch in, BYO sweat towel and drink bottle. We’ll supply mats, bolsters, pillows, and blankets with eye pillows available for purchase. Please feel free to chat to our team about any queries you may have.

Herbal tea and aftercare available for any students after class who need some extra support.


Meet Our Instructor

Jasmine 1

Hello everyone, I’m Jazz! Within the last few years, I’ve become completely enraptured by the love I have for returning home to my body.

Being within, combining breath with intuitive and organic movement. Learning to arrive in a place of harmony and contentment, flowing through this journey in a reflective rather than reactive way.

It’s been such an honour to open myself to such a natural softening with the ancient lineage of Yoga as my guide. Devoting myself to this practice every day has alluded to a place of embodiment, to the point where I’m bursting to share yoga with you, expressing deep love to all I meet so you too can be in touch with what’s brought you here.

I can’t wait to share time on the mat with you, as a friend who is present with your energy, moving through heart space to guide you to strengthen your body an inner consciousness.

Jazz xx



$15 per session


$20 per session

Class Descriptions

Divine Feminine Flow (Women’s Embodiment Class)

All levels, women only.

A slow, organic, and sensual flow with the intention of connecting you with your divine feminine energy. There will be a large focus on the sacral chakra (the energy centre which governs sexuality, creative expression, and emotion) while allowing you a safe space to be free in your own creative expression of self. A place where we can honour the archetype of the woman, while nurturing and firing up the Goddess within.

Lunar Love

All Levels

A sequence practiced with the intention of harnessing the power of Moon. Relating and honouring the connection of the phases of the moon and the cycles of your life, slowing down, and acknowledging the intuitive nature of your inner being. We’ll be moving through Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutations), which is a slower and soothing flow that focuses mainly on the lower body. Finishing with pranayama and intention and manifestation practices.

Heart Opening Yin

All Levels

A gentle flow for emotional healing, this sequence focuses on deep upper body release in a safe and healing space. Moving through various heart openers, working to gently stimulate and balance the heart chakra (heart energy centre). As we work to release tension and tightness from the physical structures of the chest and shoulders, we also provoke an energetic release of pain and suffering from the heart. Igniting love, compassion, acceptance and gratitude within ourselves and the world around us.

Hormonal Balance & Breathwork

Experienced Beginner

A therapeutic form of Yoga using various poses to target the glands and organs responsible for hormone production and regulation. While using breathwork (Pranayama) to intensify the energy flow, creating a positive impact on the metabolism, immune system, and overall body circulation.

Detoxifying Deep Release

Experienced Beginner

A flow that uses different Asanas (postures), particularly twists and bends, to stimulate our organs and digestive systems. The twisting postures work to compress the muscles and organs, blocking the flow of blood. When releasing the Asanas, the blood flows back to that area, stimulating the detoxification process within the deep core and throughout the body.

Raising your Vibration


An intermediate flow filled with Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) increasing warmth and mobility within the body while boosting blood circulation. This flow activates Pitta (fire) energy, stimulating energy production and raising heat within the body. After heating the body, we will balance with the use of cooling pranayama (breathwork) and complete with a gratitude practice to hold and embody the high vibrational frequency cultivated.